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Wills - Probate

Estate planning is a sensitive matter, consequently, many people avoid addressing it. However, it should be pointed out that estate planning is an important matter that should be taken into consideration as it may eliminate emerging doubts over administration of estates.  Therefore, the documents you prepare regarding your death might be some of the most significant documents you will ever make during your lifetime.

Τhe most common document is the Will, but after the death of the person who has made the Will, there are two also important documents for the completion of the probate: the grand of Probate and the

A Grant of Probate:

A Grant of Probate is a legal document that authorises an executor (or executors) to manage the estate of the deceased person according to the provisions of the deceased person’s will.

Certificate of Heirs:

A document that determines the heirs of a deceased person. A Certificate of Heirs is obtained from the Mayor or Mukhtar of the town or village in which the person died.

The Will:

A document which shows the wishes of the disposer.

The preparation of a will can be simple or complex depending on the requirements of the client. We offer tailored advice to individuals wanting to prepare a will covering a single jurisdiction and to individuals with more complex arrangement needs which may cover issues such as domicile, estate planning and trusts.

You may have also assets or interests abroad, which do the process for dealing with an estate even more complicated as a result. If the deceased owned property abroad or had bank accounts overseas, you may find yourself having to deal with different laws. If you would like professional advice on dealing with international assets, contact us. Our specialist team has particular expertise in helping people when their loved one owned property overseas and helping the inheritors to obtain the property in abroad.

Administer of the Probate

In the will you have to appoint executor who is liable and responsible to administrate the property and share the property to your inheritors, based in your will. The procedure of sharing the   deceased property to the inheritors is long and complicated and all the paperwork is in Greek. If you wish you can appoint executor who is not a lawyer but it will be good to point in your Will, that a lawyer will help the executor to share and administrate the property   to the inheritors.

Our law office can help and the execution of the Will and do the procedure simple and straightforward.

Buying a Property

Buying a house for the first time, moving home or adding a property to your portfolio can all be equally stressful and exciting. It’s a big move with huge financial consequences, and you need to know that you have an experienced solicitor working for you, properly handling all the legal issues.

Our conveyancing experts have helped a lot of people buying a new home. We’re with you every step of the way, from pre-contract right through to completion and it’s our job to make the whole process as smooth as possible

The Main steps we cover as a law office to have a safe instruction include:


We will kindly request from you to sign a power of attorney in order to can act in behalf you.


As soon we will have the power of the attorney we will contact with the lawyer of the seller that we represent you for the transaction, we will ask for all the required documents to ensure your interests and we will keep you updated for each step of the transaction.


we will perform property searches to check that the property you would like to purchase has no any mortgage, memo, encumbrance. In the case that the property has any encumbrance, we will advise you if you should proceed with the sale or not.


We will investigate title and make enquiries regarding the property. We will enquire about any issues on the title, boundaries, any disputes, alterations to the property etc. These enquiries will also confirm what exactly is included in the sale.


We will review the contract of sale, that the other lawyer is going to send us. We will discuss with the other side for the changes of the contract in order to be legally protected and we will sent to you for your consent.


As soon we ensure that you are legally protected, after we have reviewed all the necessary documents for a safe transaction  and we have agreed to the terms of the contract of sale, we will insert to the contract of sale a completion date and when all the requirements of the transaction  have been done and both sides are ready for the completion of the sale,  we are going to arrange to pay the purchase price, simultaneously with the transfer of the property to your name.

Connect water and electricity authority

After the completion of the sale, we arrange to get the keys of the house and we will help you to connect the water and electricity to your name.

Selling a Property

When you’re selling a property, there are a lot of legal boxes to tick and important decisions you need to make. You need to make sure that that all your legal obligations, especially concerning your mortgage, are met. Searches and buyer enquiries can reveal problems that need to be overcome before completion.

We know that you want to get your house sold quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on finding and moving into your new home. Our team of property experts are here to take away some of the stress and help deal with the legal issues that come with selling a property.


We will kindly request from you to sign a power of attorney in order to can act in behalf you.


As soon we will have the power of the attorney we will contact with the lawyer of the buyer  that we represent you for the transaction, we and we will keep you updated for each step of the transaction.


We will ask you to provide us with your title deed, the inventory , the agreed  selling price, the details of the  estate agent and any other specific enquires the other side will have . We also ask  to give us  details about your property’s boundaries, any alterations you have made to the property etc.


We will draft a contract and send it to the buyer’s lawyer  along with the Land Registry title documentation and completed Property Forms and supporting documents. When we agree about the terms of the contract of sale with the  buyers lawyer, we will sent it to you, for your consent, before sign the contract.


We will pay all the taxes in behalf you, to appear to the tax and Land Register office, complete and sign  all the necessary  tax documents and obtain the tax clearance from the tax authority.


As soon we we have agreed to the terms of the contract of sale, we will insert to the contract of sale a completion date and when all the requirements of the transaction  have been done and both sides are ready for the completion of the sale,  we are going to ensure that you are going to receive the agreed selling price and we will transfer simultaneously the property to the name of the buyer.

Register a company

Company Registration Procedure

The initial step of register a company in Cyprus is to is to obtain endorsement of the proposed name you want to take from the Registrar of Companies. For this it is suggested that you consider more than one name in order to encourage the endorsement.

Normally we receive the confirmation within 2-3  working days. Once the name is confirmed we will continue to register the company and within 10-15 working days the company will be registered.

In order to register the company we will need   the following information: company name, company activities,  company office address details of all  Directors, Secretaries, shareholders (names, addresses, passports, id).

Among the services we provide as a law office, is to provide also  registered office address, nominee secretary, director and shareholders.

As law office we  register also trade names, institutions and associations as well and provide all the help and guidance needed.

Immigration Services

We are committed to providing high quality services to Cypriot and foreign clients, covering all needs with speed, reliability and efficiency, whether for individuals or collective bodies and companies. Our partners are combative, old and new, well-trained lawyers and with a lifelong training, with ethics, a sense of responsibility and creative practice, consistency always willing to handle even your most complex-demanding legal case.

The Cypriot government has enacted a series of provisions aimed at attracting investment to the country from abroad. One of them concerns a “citizenship through investment” program that will give full Cypriot citizenship to those who invest more than two million euros on the island, with various investment options, as long as they meet certain other conditions. Obtaining the Cypriot passport allows the residency, the free movement within the European union, and of course several employment facilitations. Citizenship is also granted to the spouses, partners and children of the investor, without any additional requirements.

Our office and dedicated team is able to undertake all necessary procedures in order  to facilitate future investors and assist anyone interested in the Cyprus Investment Program, in order to obtain Cyprus citizenship.

Family Law

Family law refers to the rules that govern family relationships, ie relationships between spouses, between parents and children, and concern the creation, operation and dissolution of marriage, but also family relationships in general. Hence, family law cases can be quite stressful, and cause discomfort and emotional strain. It is in our understanding that family disputes need to be dealt with absolute discretion and sensitivity, primarily seeking the compromising normalization of family relationships.

Our law firm consists of associates specialized in family law and specifically in marital disputes, in disputes over free cohabitation, in disputes over parent-child relationships and in disputes over spouses’ relationships, as well as in their property disputes, with particular sensitivity and responsibility to the client and each individual.

Our task is to undertake the full range of cases of family law and provide specialized advice to our clients, seeking for the most beneficial solution for each of the parties involved.

Christoforos Savva and Co. LLC provide service and consultancy on the following matters:

  • Divorce proceedings;
  • Μaintenance;
  • Adoption;
  • Custody issues;


If you wish to speak to one of our Family Law lawyers, in absolute confidence, then please contact us.

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